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What is Simple2Rent?
Simple2Rent is an Internet solution that acts as an intermediary between owners and renters of vacation houses.
You can find a number of websites providing this service but Simple2Rent is far more professional and user friendly than most of the existing websites.
If you have ever tryed to find a vacation home on the Internet you know what we mean. You can surf for hours looking for a vacation rental that matches the wishes of your family. When you finally think you have found your dream house you will very often learn - that the rent is too high – or the location of the house is wrong – or the property is already booked by someone else.
We have done it differently
The idea behind Simple2Rent is – as the name indicates – that the planning of a vacation must be simple and quick.
In a few clicks the user tells, where and when he is looking for a holiday home. Furthermore he can specify a number of requirements as to the size or the price or the equipment of the house or apartment.
A few seconds later, a list of properties matching his needs will pop up. He can have the list sorted in different ways and he can change the criteria in order to exclude or include more properties.
From the list the user can click on any individual property and study all the details. If he likes what he sees, he can book the property on-line. If he needs further information, he can send an enquiry to the owner.
We break down language barriers  
A lot of renters and owners do not speak the same language. That is a natural thing as many people want to spend their holiday far away from home and experience foreign locations and cultures.Simple2Rent now speaks 6 different languages and we plan to extend with more languages.
We focus especially on the increasing number of people from the U.K., Germany, and Scandinavia that are looking for a vacation property in the Mediterranean countries but we do not exclude any country or nationality in our world-wide solution.
What is the cost to the property owner?
We believe so much in the idea of Simple2Rent that we offer an advertisment of a property totally free for a period of 6 months.
When the 6 months expire the owner can choose to cancel his advertisement or he can choose to pay a modest fee covering the following 12 months.
As a result of our success we can offer a worldwide promotion of your vacation property for as little as
Are there absolutely no demands to the owner?
Simple2Rent can only be the success it deserves, if the property owner or the property administrator keeps the actual booking status updated.
The whole idea is that anyone visiting our website can immediately check if the house is available in the desired period, therefore it is very important to avoid double bookings.
You can freely lent your house to anyone without using Simple2Rent – or you can use the house yourself – but you must remember to register all the reservations in Simple2Rent’s booking system.
1 EURO per week
We feel convinced that the extra revenue you can obtain by using Simple2Rent will be many times higher than this small expense. 
No one is too small – no one is too big.
Simple2Rent was originally meant to be a service for individuals with one or just a few vacation properties.
The system however contains so many administrative facilities that it is just as suitable for
   real estate agencies
   property administrators
   tourist offices
or similiar organisations. We offer you an easy way to update your bookings, to administer agreements with owners or renters and to register any information about the properties you administer.
On top of that you get an advertisement on the world wide web – so besides saving you a lot of work we will certainly increase the rental income and the commission you get from the owners.
Within a short time we plan to include a payment module – which means that you can out-source everything that does not require a physical presence. Please try the system.  As mentioned it is totally free the first 6 months.